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There is a First Time for Everything!

Posted on July 17, 2016 at 3:15 PM

No, I'm not a blogger. No, seriously I'm not. So you may be asking, "Ok, so who are you and why do you have this Blog page thing on your website?"

Who am I? That's a GREAT question. Ok let's see. Hmmmmm...

Here it goes...(taking a very deep breath here)...I'm a cupcake obsessed, buttercream fanatic, bacon lover, Mickey Mouse fangirl, Food Network junkie, Guy Fieri fan, home cook in love with ALL things baking & cooking, kitchen gadget lover, cupcake wrapper OCD collector who needs to go to therapy to stop buying them, when I hear the word Thermador my mouth waters, gonna have a Porsche someday kind of girl! WHEW!!! Ok, exhale. Wow. 

I really do love to cook and make food for my family and friends. I would love to make some of my food for you. There is just something about making a home cooked meal and bringing it to the table that thrills me! I love to make new things, try new flavor combinations and I'm always creating sauces. I am addicted to sauces. I will share some of my favorites with you soon. I'll have a whole "blog" (whatever that is) dedicated to being "Saucey."

I hope you take a look around my website and see all of the delicious food waiting to be delivered to your door! Call me. Let's do brunch or desserts or apps! 

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